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Art for Business was founded to reshape narratives around doing business in emerging markets through the powerful medium of visual and literary arts. This creates the combined goal of promoting African visual arts and providing a novel PR and communications solution targeting domestic and international stakeholders.

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Art for Business provides a solution for stakeholders, businesses, and communities to communicate and engage with their audience and target group through African Art.


African Art?

The traditional format of business seminars/conferences needs to encapsulate the dynamism and spirit of African enterprise in key emerging markets on the African continent. Despite abundant opportunities in emerging and non-traditional industries led by and for Africans, key sectors are still endowed with over-investment. We aim to address this imbalance with a powerful medium - Contemporary African Art.

Africa is home to an ever-growing vibrant contemporary art culture. Just as African artists have created beauty through their art form, Art for Business will be at the forefront of using African art as a robust agency to change the narrative.


Doing business in Africa is a creative, dynamic, and innovative endeavour, and we aim to reflect these dynamics in our work.

Through Art for Business, we aim to incentive private actors to truly consider key markets on the continent as commercial opportunities rather than philanthropic endeavours.


Art for Business


Where creativity meets excellence.

Art with Impact

Art for Business will be a pioneer in tapping into the nascent but renowned world of African artistry and heritage. Positioning us as the premier platform that will give emerging creatives the attention and respect they deserve.

Our Team

Sarah Laaru

Co-founder and Business Development Advisor

Rami Kangas

Communications and PR Expert & Partner

Esther Osalenlen Adu

Co-founder and International Business Legal Expert

Fatou Drammeh

Business Development Advisor- Franchophone countries

Committee Members

Bankole Oloruntoba

Team Lead Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC)| Honorary Consul of Finland in Lagos

Jan-Henrik Janer

Lead Advisor and co-founder of AfroTrade Partners

Naomi and Wanda Holopainen

Founder | Creative MindFounder | Creative Mind


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Reshaping african enerprise




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Scrap and Metal Recycling

The scrap and metal recycling industry is one of the largest sectors in Africa and has provided lucrative business opportunities and employment for people. In Nigeria, one of Africa's largest economies, this industry has seen a significant shift from posing as a major environmental burden to entrepreneurs and local stakeholders creating value from this waste.

The good news in Nigeria is that there are many innovative and creative opportunities to find value in scrap and metal waste. Dotun Popoola, the African King of Scrap Metal, is one such name that changes the narrative globally and creates magnificent art by reusing scrap and metal waste.


DOTUN POPOOLA is a synergetic metal sculptor who has carved a niche for himself with his monumental metal sculptures.


The beauty of scrap metal sculptures is the diverse combination of different forms and materials, which bring life into an object that has been rejected which also serves as a metaphor in telling our African stories."

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Dotun popoola

Some of Dotun's works


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Dotun popoola

Akuko Gagara (The Rooster)


Fela Kuti


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Dotun popoola

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